10 Aug 2017

Nsde, Google to introduce Mobile Skill Development Programme

The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and Google India have join hands last Tuesday and launched Android Skill Development programme to improve quality of mobile development training on the Android app and Web app and to build quality workforce of mobile app developers in India.


  1. Specific courses to create apps for android will be designed by NSDC
  2. Course duration will be 100 hours and will be executed by NSDC training partners
  3. Google will help in up skilling of android trainers.

Nsde, google to introduce Mobile Skill Development Programme

Under the programme, NSDC would introduce a specific course to create applications for the mobile platform that can be used on smart phones and tablets running on the Android operating system.

“This is a timely association considering promising development in the telecommunication and IT sectors and their importance for economic progression of the country. The collaboration aims to accelerate mobile skill training and create opportunities for youth in the country,” Manish Kumar, MD and CEO of NSDC, said in a statement.

“By building a world class curriculum and making it easily accessible to millions of students and developers in India, we want to contribute to the Skill India initiative,” said Peter Lubbers, Head of Google Developer Training.

The 100-hour duration course is designed to be delivered by NSDC’s partner agencies, the statement said.

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