Sum Drishti Educational Society is an non-profit organization registered under the Society Registration Act 1860. Making its presence through 7 states having more than 125 vocational training and skill development centre’s, through which  personality development training modules are provided which in turn lead to livelihood opportunities to any  individual who comes under their umbrella for the scope sustained growth and development. Maintaining the aim of national skill development enhancement of the community, SDES  works on providing the maximum mileage on empowering the youth and women through its various skill and personality development training and courses and various corporate development programs with the assistance of existing state level resources and networks.

Skill and personality development are the pillars of a developed economy and to get it true on the ground level is the prime area of focus and work at SDES , through its various skill and leadership  development , quality vocational programs, social skills training and well equipped modules of community development  by providing  equal skilled opportunities , skill assessment and development courses designed in a corporate style .  India a land of a lot of untapped potential and talent which gives a positivity to the growth and development of the society as well of the individual. SDES work on sustaining change and providing a productive platform, knowledge and opportunities of skill development to all.

Development needs to be continuous to reach its goal of sustainability. SDES believes in gender equality, investing time and energy in an individual, also working as team with others and through a healthy competition driving their efforts towards a sustainable society with the scope of a sustainable future for everyone. SDES has dedicated itself towards working of a s a centre of excellence of a nation as a whole and enhancing  its responsibility of a global India.

The main objective of the formation and existing of SDES is to create a society where all the sections of the society .i.e mainly the women and youth of the nation who are the builders of sustainable growing society and nation. Have the right to have a clean, Hygienic and secure environment to influence and contribute to the decision of a better tomorrow.

Every individual in the vulnerable section of our society should be provided with an equal opportunity for a sustainable employment and future, which can be possible by providing enhanced skill and community development opportunities.

To enhance the social and economic standings of the weaker section of  youth and women of our society providing them with lifelong activities which generate sustainable income. We want to work continuously towards our mission of having honest and committed efforts of sustained growth and development.

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Ministry of Minority Affairs .
6 days training program conducted for women awareness regarding various vaccinations for ladies, especially for pregnant women and various other measures that needs to be taken care for better and healthy life for them and their families.